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E- Learning asbestos awareness on ships or platforms

The Asbestos recognition E-learning training is intended for the crew of a ship or platform, but just as relevant for the shore personnel. The ultimate goal of the training is to increase the knowledge about asbestos in order to reduce risks on board and finally to avoid them. This e-learning has been developed by Kiwa Oesterbaai.

After following this course the participant has general knowledge about asbestos on ships. With this he / she is aware of the dangers of asbestos, the applications of asbestos, the recognition of asbestos but also, for example, the regulations regarding asbestos. The e-learning will be finished with a test. When finished with a postive result, you will receive a certificate in behalf of Kiwa Oesterbaai.


This course is intended for everyone who works professionally in the maritime and offshore sectors.
Examples of such environments or branches are the international shipping, oil and gas industry and wind energy.


Average duration 1 – 1 ½ hours.

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  • Dangers of asbestos
  • Applications of asbestos
  • Solutions
  • Recognize asbestos
  • Final test
Number of participantsprice
13€ 75,00
48€ 65,00
914€ 55,00
1525€ 45,00
25+€ 38,00

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